Pe foam

EPE foam products, in different sizes, mostly for applications in the automotive and plastics industries. Its main property is the extraordinary protection for the surface. It perfectly protects the vanished, polished surfaces against scratches.

Air bubble film

It is an excellent packaging material for fragile products and sensitive objects, in case of extreme delivery circumstances, as well. It ensures suitable protection against shocks and vibrations. Its use is widespread in the electronics, the automotive and construction industries, but it is also often used in the field of food industry.

Construction Products

Pe foam and bubble film products in presentations according to demand. Their application is liked and widespread due to their extremely great property of insulator. Roofing sheets, tubing, rims, flooring underlayment sheets can all be practically used in the field of constructions.

News, Actual

Bubble film extrusion

In 2016 Abriso started up an extrusion line for bubble film in Hungary. Because of this, we become more competitive in the region with this type of material. We are ready to fulfill your requirements with 40-300 my thick, 10-2400 mm wide rolls, even in 5 layers quality.

Abriso-Jiffy group

Abriso NV has completed the purchase of the Airpack, Jiffy and TAP Telion companies in June 2019, because of this Abriso Hungary Kft. became part of the Abriso-Jiffy group.

Protective packaging


Building insulation


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